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Say Goodbye to Messy Impressions!

Messy impressions are very familiar to most patients at the dentist. However, with the addition of so many dental technologies, you can say goodbye to messy impressions! Learn about the latest digital dentistry that we offer to you!

What is Primescan?

No one really likes biting into a gooey dental impression! Primescan changes the game by doing away with conventional impressions. Digital impressions are the modern replacements of conventional, messy impressions. Most importantly, they will save you time!

How Does it Work?

Need a night guard, clear aligners, or a dental crown? Generally, all of these need a conventional impression taken. Next, this impression will be sent to a dental lab which fabricates the appliance or restoration.

With Primescan on the other hand, we are able to take a digital impression of your whole mouth.  Thanks to a special intraoral scanner, we are able to do this very quickly. As is described on Dentsply Sirona’s website,“Complete 3D-scan models are displayed immediately…” Thankfully, this model can then be instantly sent to the lab. Thus, conventional delivery methods are eliminated which saves you time! For further time saving capabilities, we offer single day dental crowns made in office. That means you can walk into the dentist, and walk out with a new crown!

Experience Primescan!

As you can see, you need to experience the excellent technology of Primescan at Oceanside Dental! Find out how easy impressions can be and how much time you can save at the dentist. We hope to see you soon!