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Why They are Called Wisdom Teeth

Do you remember when your wisdom teeth began coming in? Did they make you smarter or give you more wisdom? Learn why they are called wisdom teeth as well as some other interesting facts.

Sadly, these molars do not actually give us wisdom! But if they did, that would be great! Since wisdom is known to often come with age, this is a common name used for these molars. Mouthhealthy.org states that wisdom teeth erupt between the ages of 17 to 21. The third molars is another name you may hear them termed as.

What is Their Purpose?

When erupted properly, third molars are useful for chewing our food. When compared with other teeth in the mouth that have a sharper surface for tearing food, the flat surface of molars are for grinding food. But some people never even get their wisdom teeth! Others may have wisdom teeth but they never come through the gums.

Why Are They Often Removed?

Due to how far back they are in the mouth or if they come in crooked, wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean and thus cause decay. If you have little room in your mouth, third molars can cause crowding and the issues associated with this problem.

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