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What is a Night Guard?

Have you heard of a Night Guard? Tension headaches, a sore jaw, and chipped teeth are some of the symptoms that warrant a consideration of this appliance. What is it and how can it help you?

Talk to a Dentist

Constant grinding or clenching the teeth together is officially known as Bruxism. This issue is a culprit of the symptoms described above. Discussing your symptoms with your dentist will help you to determine the best course of action and in most cases a Night Guard will be recommended. What causes Bruxism? Both stress and a misaligned bite can be root causes. Therefore, a great number of people grind and clench their teeth!

A Night Guard is a sturdy appliance that you wear over your teeth while you sleep. Where is the best place to get one? Although you can find at them at a store, having it professionally made through your dentist is the best option. You can expect a superior fit and higher quality versus when you get one at the store.

Why a Night Guard is so Important

For those who suffer from Bruxism, the worst thing to do is to ignore it. When undue tension on your teeth and jaw muscles is left unchecked, chips and cracks may begin appear on your teeth, thus causing sensitivity and even TMJ.

A night guard is so important because it prevents grinding on the biting surface of your teeth. It acts as a barrier that takes the brunt of the force exerted when you clench and grind. Protected teeth are happy teeth!

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