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Cleaning Your Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are becoming more and more popular. However, the beautiful, clear look of these appliances can fade and the teeth can suffer if proper care is not taken. Learn about some common complaints and how cleaning your clear aligners is one of the solutions.

Common Complaints

Below are some common problems some have noticed with wearing clear aligners. However, do not be discouraged- these are all preventable issues!

  • Bad Breath– An equation of food particles, bacteria, and long periods of time generally equals a bad smell. This is especially true in your mouth when teeth and clear aligners are holding much of this bacteria. 
  • Buildup– Without proper care, build up can be easily stack up when you are wearing aligners. Thus your aligners can begin to look dirty and worse yet, bacteria that is present in build up can even cause cavities!
  • DiscolorationClear aligners are made to be taken off while eating and drinking anything except water. If left on during these times, the aligners are prone to staining.

Helpful Cleaning Tips

Learn how you can keep your aligners clean and avoid all of the issues we just discussed!

  • Clean Your Teeth Before You Wear Aligners: First things first! Having a clean mouth to begin with means less transmission of bacteria to your aligners.
  • Run Cold Water over Aligners Upon Removal: When you take out your aligners for any reason, always give them a rinse!

For daily cleansing:

  • Use Antibacterial Soap and Water: Prevent bacteria from being carried into your mouth by gently scrubbing your aligners with an antibacterial soap and water combo.
  • Soak in White Vinegar: A 15 minute soak in a mix of water with 1 tablespoon of white vinegar will effectively clean aligners.
  • According to Laster Orthodontics, you can, “Soak in Clear Mouthwash, Denture Cleaner, or Other Cleaning TabletsYou can also soak your aligners in a clear mouthwash to clean them. Avoid blue or green mouthwash products, since they may discolor aligners. Denture cleaner and retainer cleaning tablets, like Retainer Brite, will also effectively disinfect and clean your clear aligners.”

Love Your Smile!

Follow these steps and you will be smiling even brighter! Please give us a call if you have any questions!