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2020 is Around the Corner!

2020 is around the corner! Does this bring anything to mind? Maybe the thought that it’s new decade? An opportunity to grow? Time to make changes? These are definitely some thoughts on people’s minds right now. But how about oral health? Making the decision to improve the health of your teeth will only benefit you. Find out how!

Visit the Dentist

We need professionals to help us see issues or problems that we cannot detect. For example, we go to the doctor for check-ups even if we don’t feel sick. Similarly, X-rays along with special instruments and a trained eye allow dental professionals to detect and prevent problems. With a professional cleaning and useful advice, you are also helped to maintain and improve the good oral health you have.

Brush and Floss Daily

Tooth decay, Periodontal Disease and pricey bills- brushing and flossing everyday can prevent all of this! Bad bacteria is an enemy in the mouth and we want to clear it away consistently with proper oral hygiene. Making the effort to take care of your teeth is definitely worth it!

Adopt a Better Diet

Aside from looking and feeling great, a better diet can even improve your oral health, as Mouth Healthy brings out! When we consume less sugar, it decreases chances of developing cavities. Further, a diet with Vitamin C, which can be found in fruits and veggies, is great for gum health. A little bit of Calcium rich foods like almonds and green leafy veggies, can go a long way in making your teeth and bones stronger!

Let Us Help!

With 2020 so close, we have a big “to do” list. Let your oral health be one of those things to do! Give us a call to schedule that dental appointment and start your journey towards better oral health. (760) 466-0776