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Need a Denti-Cal Dentist?

San Diego draws many to the area year after year. Constant growth means more and more patients are on the search for a dentist to cover Denti-Cal. Do you need a Denti-Cal dentist? We have got you covered! Let us provide you with excellent dental care.

Anything for the Patient

Here at Oceanside Dental, all Denti-Cal patients are welcomed. We pride ourselves in offering excellent dental care for you! Our patients appreciate the little “perks” of our office. Please take a look!

  • TVs and reading material- When you are a little nervous at the dentist some distraction can help to take your mind off the nerves. While you wait, feel free to watch a show on the TV overhead or pick up a magazine to read.The same can be found in the operatories. Kids especially seem to enjoy watching a cartoon or movie during their exam.
  • Coffee, tea, and water- Coffee, tea, water- which do you prefer? Have one or all!
  • Treasure box- Of course the kids love this one! They always look forward to a reward after their appointment.
  • Blankets and pillows- If you get cold or need something more supportive for your neck, we would be happy to provide you with a cozy blanket or pillow!

It’s All About the People

We think our office offers the most friendly and professional team around! We love answering questions and helping you to feel as comfortable as possible. Give us a call to schedule an appointment at Oceanside Dental.