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Should You Use Fluoride?

   No one wants to hear “you have a cavity” at your visit to the dentist. Is there anything you can do in addition to good oral hygiene to prevent cavities? Should you use fluoride? True, brushing and flossing are the bread and butter of happy teeth but fluoride is very helpful as well! Find out why.

It’s Found in Nature

 Colgate brings out some interesting information stating, “Fluoride is an element naturally found in the Earth’s crust, atmosphere, biosphere and hydrosphere.” Who knew it was “nature’s cavity fighter”, as is brought out by The American Dental Association?

A Tooth Strengthener

We just learned about the natural origin of fluoride. Therefore, as we eat certain foods and intake water, we are consuming small amounts of this element. Developing teeth beneath the gums use this fluoride to create strong enamel. Once they erupt, it further fortifies teeth by creating cavity defenses, and in some cases it can even reverse early stages of tooth decay.

Listen to Your Doctor

Due to its benefits, dentists like to recommend you use a fluoride rinse or tooth paste. It may also be offered to you in a topical form at your office. Keep in mind too that you are ingesting it throughout your day in its natural form.

What is Fluorosis?

However, it is important to mind your child’s intake. A high amount of fluoride consumed by children with developing teeth can cause white streaks, spots, or pits on the teeth, known as fluorosis. These effects are permanent but do not detrimentally effect the health of teeth.

For further information on protecting children from fluorosis, speak with your dentist. It is also a good idea to supervise children as they brush their teeth to limit their swallowing toothpaste. 

The Bottom Line

As we have learned, fluoride is very beneficial for teeth. Getting some in your toothpaste and mouth rinse, for example, can produce positive results. Keep in mind that moderation is always key! Let us know how we can help you or if you have any questions about using fluoride in your routine. We love answering your questions and would be happy to set up your dental appointment for you! Call us!