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Stop These Habits to Save Your Teeth!

We know we all have habits but some of them can actually be detrimental to our teeth. Oceanside Dental is here to help you stop these habits to save your teeth! Read on to learn some helpful information for dental health.

Are You a Snacker?

Most people will definitely agree that snacking is one of the great pastimes. However, this can sometimes be less than great for your teeth. The constant presence of food, especially sugary foods, can actually lead to cavities. As gross as it sounds, certain bacteria feed on leftover food in your mouth but this is a normal process. On the other hand, if we fail to clean our teeth properly, the acidic residue left behind by bacteria can build up and cause enamel erosion, thus weakening teeth. So try to go with more “tooth-healthy” options and clean or rinse your teeth after each meal.

Nail Biting!

Nail biting is not a very attractive habit to have. However, aside from looks, nail biting can lead to such problems as jaw issues, misalignment, or chipped teeth. Further, tons of bacteria reside beneath our nails. This bacteria is then released into our mouth when we bite them- gross! The best antidote? Just use a nail clipper!


Do you wake up in the morning with jaw soreness or even a headache? Bruxism, better known as teeth grinding, is often the culprit of these issues. But you may wonder how you can stop this habit if you do it in your sleep. Get a night guard! It is a durable tray that provides a personalized fit and is made at your dental office. Worn while you sleep, this appliance protects your teeth by taking the brunt of the force as you grind your teeth.

We Can Help!

If you would like relief from any of the problems associated with these habits, please give us a call!