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Why Are X-Rays Important?

We are all aware that at the dentist, we often receive dental radiographs. You may wonder,“ Why are x-rays important? ” We love it when our patients are curious about dental procedures and ask questions. Please find the answer below.

Detect to Prevent

ADA.org explains, “Dentists use X-rays to help diagnose damage and disease that is not visible during a clinical dental examination.” Certain problems in the mouth are invisible to the naked eye. This is  where X-rays come in. Inter-proximal decay or cavities between the teeth are an example of an issue that only a Radiograph can detect. Due to the fact that such problems can develop in between visits, we recommend X-rays every 6 months.

Are X-rays Dangerous?

Many people are worried when they think of X-rays. “Will I receive too much radiation?” they wonder? However, there is no need to worry since the level of radiation a patient is exposed to is so low that there is no threat to both child or adult. For further piece of mind, know that when the lead shield we place on you during an X-ray, covers all vital organs for further protection!

Types of X-rays

There are several types of X-rays taken depending on patient needs. 3 common types are listed below:

Bitewing: This involves biting down on a special piece of paper. Its purpose is to allow the dentist to check dental restorations, bone level, cavities between teeth, ect.

Panoramic: As you stand, a special machine rotates around your head, capturing images that your dentist may need to check such things as wisdom teeth, jaw health, or for planning Orthodontic care.

Periapical: This captures an entire tooth, from it’s crown, to it’s root. This is good for a limited exam.

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