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We offer Denti-Cal!

We know and can see how both the Oceanside and San Diego areas are always growing. With this growth comes the need for more dental offices to accept Denti-Cal. If you have this insurance and need to find an office that accepts it, look no further!

Come on in and meet us here at Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics. We offer Denti-Cal at our office. But we know and understand that coming to a new dental office may be a little overwhelming. Thankfully we have some perks that can help with you and your family’s transition.

  • TVs and reading material- A little distraction can be helpful when we are somewhat anxious at the dental office. An interesting show or movie will be playing in the waiting room for you. Or maybe you prefer to read. We offer a variety of magazines in the waiting room and operatories for you too.
  • Coffee, tea, and water- We all love a cup of coffee or tea here and staying hydrated! We figure our patients do too. Therefore, we provide complimentary drinks for your comfort.
  • Treasure box- Guess who loves this the most? All of the little ones who deserve a reward for their dental visit!
  • Blankets and pillows- A comfy blanket or pillow never fails to add just a little more comfort to your visit. Ask us for one at your visit!

Our team is the best part of your visit! Each member works hard to make sure your visit is a great one. Asking questions is encouraged so you are able to understand all of your treatment and dental work. Please call us at 760-466-0776 or visit our website. We look forward to meeting you at your visit!