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3 Signs to Bring Your Child to the Dentist

Knowing your gums and teeth are healthy brings peace of mind. Having this assurance for your children brings peace of mind as well! It is very important to keep track of your children’s oral health. Being aware of your child’s oral health is a must. Take note of 3 signs to bring your child to the dentist.


When we have pain in our body, we know something is wrong! Thus, if your son or daughter is having a toothache, it is a sign something is wrong that a professional needs to examine. The sooner you give us a call and come in, the sooner your kid will have relief!

Irritated Gums

Red, swollen, or bleeding gums are not normal and should be a warning sign. Especially if your child says their gums are hurting, it is time to take them for a dental exam. It may mean they have Gingivitis or other dental problems. Please allow a dentist to assess the situation.

Sensitivity to Temperature

When biting into something cold like a popsicle or while drinking a hot drink, does your son or daughter complain of sensitivity?Dental decay are one of the accompanying issues, as this informative website explains. The best first step is to make an appointment with the doctor to perform an exam.

We are Here to Help

Bringing relief to a child with tooth pain is a priority. Giving us a call is the first step to helping them! Call us or visit our website! 760-466-0776