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Proper Care for Your Dentures

Whether you are new to having dentures or have had them a long time, proper care for your dentures is vital. Find out the best routine to keep and tips that will protect this oral appliance.

Keep a Good Routine of Care

Morning, after eating, and night are the three most important times for denture care. Finding your routine and sticking to it will ensure a long life for your dentures.

The Morning Routine

  • Despite not having any teeth, you can still develop infection. Therefore it’s important to clean the tongue, gums, and cheeks when you wake up.
  • Rinsing your dentures thoroughly with water is super important because the denture cleaning solution they were soaking in have harmful chemicals. You definitely do not want this in your mouth!
  • You can simply clean the surface of your dentures with a soft bristled toothbrush and soap and warm water.
  • Be very careful as you handle your dentures since they can break and chip if dropped.

After Eating

The last thing you want is food particles and debris hanging around in your mouth all day! Therefore, gently remove and clean your dentures after each meal. Running water over them is usually enough to freshen them up!

The Nightly Routine

  • One thing you should never do is to sleep with your dentures in! You need to let your bones and gums relax from the pressure of dentures resting on them all day. Overnight is a great time for this rest!
  • You don’t want your dentures to dry out overnight. We recommend putting them in a denture cleaner to soak or even water.
  • Finally, clean your mouth with a soft tooth brush or gauze before you go to bed.

Maintain Your Dental Check-Ups

To make sure your dentures are fitting properly and are in good working order, a dentist should check them. At these periodic visits, the dentist will also check your gums and overall oral health. Schedule your next appointment!