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Back to School Tooth Healthy Snacks

School season has begun and you are back at the task of filling up your children’s lunch box. Finding healthy and simple treats to provide are at the top of your food list. Let us help! Consider some of the following back to school tooth healthy snacks!


Often referred to as nature’s tooth brush, apples have some great benefits for teeth. Thanks to the high fiber content, this acts as bristles that help to clean your enamel. The bad bacteria in your mouth is destroyed by the acidity of an apple which helps to neutralize bad breath! Additionally, don’t forget to keep that skin on the apple because it is an aid to having healthy gums and teeth!


Carrots are one of those foods that are so easy to incorporate to any meal. Similar to apples, the high fiber content of carrots clears away plaque and food debris on the tooth’s surface. Saliva production is one of your body’s ways to clean the mouth and as you eat a carrot, this process is increased! To add to this, carrots are high in B Vitamins, something that keeps gums happy.


Who would have thought cheese would make it on this list? Well, remember that milk and therefore cheese, is high in Calcium, a vitamin known to promote strong bones, and this includes strong teeth! As a bonus, United Concordia Dental brings out, cheese and other dairy products contain a protein called casein. And when combined with the calcium and phosphate compounds found in cheese, casein forms a protective coating on the tooth enamel, which helps prevent decalcification”. Next time you prepare your kids’ lunch, throw in a couple slices of cheese.

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