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Oral Health for Kids During Summer

Summer replaces long days of school and homework with long days of fun. Vacations, beach days, and yummy food puts a smile on those cute face! Help them keep that smile shinning with oral health for kids during the summer. Here are some helpful tips for their summer from Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics.

Maintenance is Key!

Sleepovers, vacations, and long days of fun in the sun can put some added stress on children’s teeth. They are less likely to keep up with their teeth cleaning routine when they are away from home and busy with activities. But don’t let all of their hard work at their teeth go to waste! Help them to keep up the following habits:

-brush everyday for 2 minutes with a soft bristled tooth brush

-floss at least once per day to remove all the plaque that a toothbrush can’t reach

-keeping some disposable toothbrushes and floss in the glove box will be a life saver for spontaneous summer trips!

Keep Sugary Drinks and Treats to a Minimum

Summer means yummy but sugar filled treats like popsicles and ice cream. Try to help them understand that constantly eating sugary foods can result in cavities. Instead of the chips and sodas, have some healthy foods available like veggies and hummus or trail mix. Remind them to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep the mouth washed out.

Schedule that Back to School Dental Appointment

The last thing anyone wants is a toothache- especially during the summer! School is almost here. Schedule your kids 6 month check ups because these will prevent dental issues. Give us a call to make an appointment at your Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics. Oral health for kids during the summer is so important! (760) 466-0776