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Daily Habits that Harm Teeth

Whether we realize it or not, we all do things on a daily basis, thus becoming habitual. Unfortunately, our daily routine could be damaging our teeth without our knowledge. At Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics we want to list some daily habits that harm teeth with the goal of helping you to prevent or lessen oral health issues.

Are You a Snacker?

You may think that you swallow all of your food after eating. However, although small, there are particles of food left in between and on teeth. Cavity causing bacteria love to consume these residual bits of food and then produce an acid that is harmful to tooth enamel when constantly present. This process is repeated every time we consume food and drink (other than water).

If you must snack, remember that carb rich and sugary food and drink, such as soda and chips, are some of the worst culprits. Choosing more veggies and rinsing your mouth out with water are helpful tips for snackers.

Nail Biting!

Public speaking, watching a suspenseful movie, and taking a timed test. What do these things have in common? They can result in nail biting! You may think that other than making your nails look a little messed up, nail biting isn’t such a big deal. Actually, constant chewing of nails can produce jaw problems, bite misalignment, enamel destruction, and chipped teeth. Your gums can also suffer from the bacteria that reside beneath our nails- gross! Find a positive replacement for stress relief like a stress ball or taking a walk.

Using Teeth as Tools

What would you say is a convenient way to take off that stubborn water bottle cap or rip open that bag of food? Please don’t say your teeth! Some of the issues that result from nail biting are similar to the effects of using teeth as tools, namely chipped teeth and jaw problems. How can you overcome this bad habit? Just remind yourself that it takes only a couple seconds more to find a bottle opener or a pair of scissors to do the job!

We Can Help!

Are you guilty of one or more of these daily habits that harm teeth? Likely you do have some damage, like chipped teeth or sensitivity due to erosion. Give Oceanside Dental a call to schedule an appointment to fix those teeth! (760) 466-0776