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Back to School Teeth Whitening

   The start to school is just around the corner. That means new clothes, getting school supplies…and a new white smile? Yes! Here at Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics, we want to help our students make their 2019-2020 school year the best one yet. A white smile that you are proud of is proven to increase your confidence and therefore make a great first impression. Whether they are off to high school, college, or another adventure, give your student the gift of white teeth!

Boost that Smile

Did you know? Business Insider tells us that it takes 3 seconds for someone to decide whether they like you or not upon first meeting you. Additionally, many people agree that the first thing they look at is a person’s smile. Further, when we are happy to smile big because we like our teeth, our confidence level is given a boost! Knowing all of this, having a white smile is priceless for your son or daughter. A beautiful smile will be an excellent aid to such things as making new friends and giving that first speech of the year. Both teens and adults alike desire a beautiful smile. Help them achieve this with our help at Oceanside Dental.

  White AND Healthy

   We are fully aware that teeth whitening makes your teeth look fabulous. Unfortunately, if you have poor oral hygiene, the benefits of a teeth whitening can be limited. Make sure to book an appointment for a check up and cleaning for your son or daughter. Healthy teeth and gums means a decrease in chances of periodontal disease and cavities. After all, what busy student has time for such problems? Make sure your student’s teeth are both healthy and white for the 2019 to 2020 school year!

Have more questions for us? Give us a call or visit us and ask away! You and your child will not regret a beautiful smile. (760) 466-0776