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Is it Time for a New Dentist?

We believe that all patients should feel happy with their dentist. Do you notice open communication between yourself, the dentist and staff? When treatment is recommended, has it been fully explained to you? Do you feel warmly welcomed upon entering your dental office? If you answered no to any of these questions, perhaps it is time to consider a new dentist!

Why consider Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics?

First off, we think that an excellent dental office should make it their goal is to make each patient as comfortable as possible. What do we offer with regards to reaching this goal? Notice the following.

  • Dental offices that cover Denti-Cal are in high demand. To meet this demand and make our dentistry more convenient, we have adapted our office to be able to cover beneficiaries of this popular insurance!
  • It is no secret that the process of getting a traditional dental crown takes some time! It generally takes 2 weeks for a  dental crown to be ready for delivery and in the mean time a temporary crown is to be worn. At our office, we can  design, create, and deliver a quality dental restoration- in just a single appointment! How do we do this? With the amazing Cerec technology! Give us a call to learn more about this option!
  • Many want straight teeth but not the unsightly metal braces. While we do offer traditional braces, many appreciate the Invisalign option that we offer. This treatment consists of a series of custom-made aligning trays. The best part? These aligners are clear, being nearly invisible when worn over your teeth!

One More Plus!

To add to these points, we remind you to not forget the need for a comfortable atmosphere! We strive to be as accommodating as possible for each patient. This means a kind and smiling staff, magazines and TV for entertainment, blankets and pillows for your comfort, and on the house coffee, tea and water for your refreshment! 

Make the Call!

As you can see, the well being and satisfaction of our patients is our top priority. Find out why we come so highly recommended! Please give us a call to schedule a consultation! 760-466-0776