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Is it Time for Braces?

Is it time for braces? Maybe your kids are done with their braces but you as the parent also want straight teeth. You deserve a straight smile too! Other than wanting a straight smile, what are some other reasons to consider getting braces? Find out with Oceanside Dental and Orthodontics.


Cosmetic dental is focused on how something looks and not so much on dental health. This is usually the first motive one may think about braces- they want a great symmetrical smile. Orthodontics can definitely achieve this!

Improve Dental Health

This one may confuse you at first. After all, how can a metal straightening system benefit oral health? Simply put, when teeth are straight and where they are supposed to be, cleaning is easier. The toothbrush and floss are better able to extract bacteria and plaque. This prevents such issues as decay and periodontal disease.

Correct a Misaligned Bite

What happens when something in your body is not where it should be? For example, if someone dislocates their shoulder, more problems are caused the longer they go without aligning it. In the same way when undue stress is put upon your jaw with an overbite or under bite, you may experience jaw pain. Grinding, clenching or biting your cheeks and lips can be other common issues that result. Once you have aligned teeth, your jaw is happy too!

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